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AI Wagashi

Jun 2023

I designed new wagashi - Japanese traditional sweets by creating 3D models based on AI-generated images.

I generated over 100 wagashi designs using a generative AI - Midjourney. From the results, we found that many designs were light pink and yellow-green with flowers. There were some shapes similar to Chinese mooncakes and chocolates. When our prompts include an artist's name or a name of a particular era, designs are very predictable. On the other hand, ambiguous words generated unexpected interesting shapes. One of the successful prompts was our original coined term "Computational Wagashi", which generated a geometric and beautiful design. 

However, the generated shape was challenging to complete manually because AI design ignored the making process. In this project, I designed a 3D model based on the generated image to create a original silicon mold using a 3D printer. I collaborated with a pastry chef to make the wagashi delicious. One of our AI wagashi was made from gin, lychee, and lemon, inspired from a cocktail recipe called "Ancien Chanté" - "Nice to meet you" in French. In June 2023, we hosted a 2-day event in Tokyo, where over 60 people came to enjoy our wagashi!

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