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Kemako's Lamb Rice

Limited 2-day Event!

Time: 11: 00-14: 00

Location: 3 minutes walk from Hongo Sanchome Station

The lamb fried rice made by accident was more delicious than expected.

So I decided to sell it at a food truck for the first time!

I made lamb curry at a cooking party with my friends.

After eating the most of the curry, I put the rest of them on rice and mixed! Then we found that it was more delicious than expected!

We named the dish "Lamb Rice".


With some advice from my friends, through many trials,

I improved the "Lamb Rice".


My lamb curry is made from coconut oil and spices.

Combination with basmati rice makes it more authentic.

I recommend you to add some refreshing coriander! They are good with sour notes from tomatoes!

Date and time

March 6th 11: 00-14: 00

March 7th 11: 00-14: 00



Average: 700 JPY

Free Coriander:

Lot / Normal / None



3 minutes walk

from Hongo Sanchome Station

2-25-15 Hongo,

Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

~ After the 2-days event ~


It was really hard to prepare by myself, 

but I'm so glad that many people enjoyed our lamb rice ♪


"Ingredients: 30% Rent: 30% Personnel: 30%"

What I knew was totally different from what I did.

I will continue to challenges new things!!!

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