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Custom-made silicone molds

Apr 2023 - Present

To realize creative food designs, I utilized a 3D printer to produce custom-made silicon molds. Since many molds for tuile - thin cookies are imported from Europe, my silicone molds with Japanese designs are popular among chefs and pastry chefs. Also making original silicon molds usually costs a lot of money because it requires metal molds. However, by using a 3D printer, original silicon molds can be made inexpensively even from a single mold!

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June dessert plate

A small world of the rainy season was designed on a plate with a 5cm hydrangea wreath.


eo in Osaka

The thickness of this cherry blossom tuile was 1mm. The flavor was charred onions.

Kombuya Magobei in Fukui

This dessert has a delightful aroma of watercress, mint, and olive oil that spreads as soon as you taste it.


MAVO in Kyoto

Delicate line of this leaf tuile was 1mm.

​The flavor was rich pistachio.



薄力粉 40g

・抹茶  10g

・バター 30g

・卵白  30g

・砂糖  20g



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